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PAC Stove. Multi use barbecue grill, oven, smoker, and camp stove in one.




The first built unit was in  Salem Oregon.  2005.  There was a need for a hardy product that did multiple jobs for the wet cold pacific north west USA.  Heavy testing has produced this design and it worked well enough to go on mule trains and remote work sites during field testing. 

PAC concept was originally inspired by C2C design. PAC doesn't qualify as C2C.,but we managed to interrupt a product waste stream with the original series: mk1. PAC has been around locally for 10+ years in its original form. We sold over 200 units and lost count.  We even ran a bottle return program for a time. Those units were all made from recycled or reclaimed liquid propane (LP) tanks. We even cleaned up a few dump sites in the old days.  C2C sparked the original ideation route of this concept.  We hope that it at least inspires others to look into "interrupt" sourcing for new product designs. We still do some recycle items through our spin-off. Cosmoshabby designs.   PAC are all made with robots and lasers now.  The design has been perfected.  

Our pledge. 

 We produce and always will produce every component in the USA. As a rule we even source everything possible as close to HQ as can be found reasonably. No sourcing, mfg, assembly, or even paint from out side the USA. No illegal alien labor. We even run a program for felons to rebuild and level up some skills through our "felon to melon" program. Now and forever. made in usa

Laser cut logo for star fire camp stove


We saw the fire. 

We harnessed the fire. 

We commanded the fire. 

And one day it wrote its name.