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PAC Stove. Multi use barbecue grill, oven, smoker, and camp stove in one.



Mild steel melts at 2600F. We can get you half way there and that's close enough.  We found that mill ends

of various type of wood can bring the most heat, but be careful.  Normal operating temp with typical seasoned wood is 700F-900F.  We've achieved 750F with paper briquettes alone.  We've achieved 1200F with mill ends full load burn.  Vortex action is key. The PAC stove design works with physics, not against it. Our hottest portion of the stove is in the center of the vortex and above the ash layer so there is nothing in close contact with this hot spot.  We've never had one burn through the bottom in 10+ years of operating. Simply cracking the front door produces a throttling affect in the chamber.  Much like blowing on an ember, we utilize thermodynamics as a structure in the form of a vortex. This structure feeds itself once perpetuated and blows on the fire for you. 

Extensively field tested: Oregon coast, urban, rain forest, cascades, high desert, and the high Rockies of Idaho. PAC compliments any camp site but even works very well for work crews or remote job sites. PAC has gone to disaster area's like blizzard and ice storm stricken area's. PAC has gone on mule trains, and kept many a fisherman warm on the banks of Oregon rivers.  We've finally settled on the optimum size, weight, and functionality.  PAC is far more versatile than anything on the market today, and will outlast ANY cheap foreign import.  Don't throw out that cheap Chinese grill just yet. You can melt it down on your PAC Stove.

PAC stove units can produce serious heat with a full load of dry wood, or can slow smoke a pork roast over charcoal for 8 hours.  It covers a wide range of usage.  If you live in a rainy or coastal region you may need to repaint your stove with a high temp paint seasonally.  We will have covers available in accessories soon.  If you live in dry conditions, you may need to do nothing.  We use the best high temp paint but even it cannot handle the moisture and thermal shock when put through serious paces in hard environments.  An organic option is to oil your stove with cooking oil. Safflower oil has the highest smoke point and will do well if you are using it less during the rainy season, or mostly low temp grilling.  

PAC finds the right balance of portability, and toughness. 13GA 11GA 12GA steel and 304 stainless steel.

We aren't messing around.  No complicated items or hard to find replacements.  This stove is meant to be long lasting and semi serviceable or repairable by medium skill level users.  

Warning. Do not burn trash or plywood and glued woods in the unit. These glues can bring the heat up further than operation range of the stove. You may damage the unit with anything but organic fuel. 

PAC stove is a serious item for serious operators. The steel lid is spring assist but still poses a cut hazard if not used properly.  Always keep hands clear of the rim unless you have one hand on the front lid handle to keep it open. The T-handles supplied allow you to manipulate all facets of the stove while hot.

Item is not safe round young children whether static or in use.  For this reason we offer an option to buy the lid lock to keep it safe while not in use. 

PAC Torch early version. Set up on patio slab. Bundled wood fuel.

PAC Torch early version. Set up on patio slab. Bundled wood fuel.