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PAC Stove. Multi use barbecue grill, oven, smoker, and camp stove in one.

- Utility & processing -

Making charcoal

 Fill your PAC LOK hibachi with wood chunks and place on top of the Proto or Star Fire stove supports.  With the right amount of heat and time you can produce your own charcoal.  Prep your wood small enough to feed into the top port and front access door.  Start with full load, hot fire. Feed prepped wood throughout the burn to maintain good heat and control. A batch of usable charcoal can be made off grid with this utility stove.  

Rendering Pine tar.

Make use of common waste stream items like food cans and pie tins.  Poke holes out of the base of one can and fill with pine sap.  Cover this can with a larger can. Be sure that the inside can has the punched holes on the bottom. The stove drain hole in the bottom will receive and drip out the filtered pine sap. Use a common pie tin to collect your resin below the stove. 

Pine tar can be further processed in to medicinal salve's and balms. Used for fire starter, or distilled further into turpentine and pine rosin.

Paper and Bio briquette making system

No firewood where you live?  No problem. The paper jack is designed to be used with very commonly available items. See pics.  Just through testing this device, we put several recycle containers out of business for the year.  It will fit over the common 5 gallon bucket.  You can make briquettes without wax or pine sap and they work fine.  Our briquettes leave a hole in the middle that you can fill with anything from wax, pine sap, to old cooking grease.  Briquettes burn long steady and with very little smoke. Great for urban environments.