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PAC Stove. Multi use barbecue grill, oven, smoker, and camp stove in one.

PAC Stove. Multi use barbecue grill, oven, smoker, and camp stove in one.

PAC Stove. Multi use barbecue grill, oven, smoker, and camp stove in one. PAC Stove. Multi use barbecue grill, oven, smoker, and camp stove in one.

- Wood & charcoal grilling -

Cooking options for the Star fire and Proto stove models.

Charcoal. Barbecue.

4lb London Broil over charcoal.

  • Charcoal grilling
  • Common charcoal grilling is accomplished with the two 11 gauge grates. Proto comes with two mild steel grates and a hot plate. Star Fire model comes with 304 Stainless steel grates and a hot plate.  Set your grates on the internal pegs in any of five positions. 
  • Utilize one grate for charcoal tray and one for cooking. Vary the positions depending on what you are cooking. 
  • Grates and hot plate can be stored on the back external peg under the lid hinge, when not in use. 

Bread Oven. Pizza oven.

Mozzarella and saute'd mushrooms stuffed in home made bread sticks. Bake over wood coals.

  • Pizza oven / Bread oven.  
  • Cooking over wood fire is somewhere in our dna by now.  Once you start , you will quickly relearn this ancient way.  Various woods add another layer of flavor and even preservative value to some foods.   
  • Fuel: Wood kindling prepped.  
  • Technique. Burn a kindling fire or medium fired down to coals. Set a grate on the top pegs and place a pizza inside. Close the lid and cook for 5-15 minutes. If you haven't cooked with wood before, you will easily soon get a hang of it.  Don't burn halves or whole logs or you will have a hot fire and longer to wait for it to get down to temperature.  Wait until the flames just go out to put your pizza in the oven. Times vary depending on ambient temp, pizza thickness, etc. After your pizza is done, throw some logs in there for a big fire, and have a proper pizza party in the yard. 
  • This same setup works for any kind of bread making you can fit on our 12" grate.  You can get several loaves baked before needing to roust your coals or fire it back up. 

Crab and craw fish boiler


  • Crab boiler Crawfish boiler  
  • From beach to bijou. Load up the stove and traps and head out. With the hot plate setup, you can boil volumes quickly.  High BTU output allows for boiling large pots of crab or seafood on site.  PAC Stoves fit well on a common freight dolly to get you near most crabbing and drift wood.  Pre pack your stove with wood and strap it down, or simply do a tail gate crab boil after a day on the docks. 
  • Tips. Most coasts are windy at certain times of day. Find wind shelter or burn during the calm.  Even a hot Star fire stove on a flat beach will get the heat swept away. Set up near berms or logs for catching and retaining heat and getting out of the wind.
  • Sea salt boiler
  • If dry drift wood is plentiful, spend the day boiling down sea water to make your own sea salt.  This high output torch can boil decent amounts of sea water down efficiently. 

Roast. Bake.


  • Baking 
  • Baking and pizza oven operation is basically the same. Bake with hot coals from the fire. Use one grate as  heat baffle if needed.
  • Roasting
  • Use one grate for roasting, and if needed put the second grate between the food grate and the fire in the bottom.  This will baffle the heat column and a water pan will keep everything from drying out.
  • Dutch Oven baking
  • A dutch oven can be slung above your small fire, or set down inside the hot coals. Some heat regulation can then be done with the front door cracked or closed. 
  • *sample pic of early version. 



  • Wok stir fry cooking
  • Here we are banging out some Mongolian beef on a hot summer night on the mk1.  Feed kindling in the front door or even the top exhaust port.  Simply opening the front access door will act as your heat dial. This is your main choke for getting oxygen to your fire in the lower part of the chamber.  Learn to dial it in with in a few burns.  Prepped kindling also gives you greater control over heat. You'l get the hang of it.  
  • With the stove pipe removed and the hot plate set aside, you are presented with three pipe supports that double as a spot for woks and curved vessels to be placed.  PAC stove kicks out a lot of heat depending on wood, size of wood, dryness of wood.  You can have a big torch roaring within minutes of setting up your stove. Since wok cooking often is best with high heat ,done quickly, these units perform quite well at authentic stir fry.  
  • Set up a stove at events and sell fry bread, or fast cooked high heat meals.  The top torch can do work. 



  • Smoker setup
  • With one grate on the top setting, and charcoal in the bottom of the stove, we slow cooked this pastrami for three hours in 40 degree's of wet cold oregon.  Both the Proto and the Star Fire can be used for slow cooking and slow smokes, but on colder days, the Star Fire model is better equipped.  The heat shrouds can be drawn in close to the stove to preserve heat during low heat/long smokes.  You have more control of your air flow and heat, however both can do the job.
  • These units come with a metal grate cap, and this is one of its primary uses. During slow smokes, put the small cap on the stove pipe to regulate the heat flow tighter if needed.  Use the front access door to feed in more charcoal and soaked wood chips.
  • Fuel type. Charcoal is best, but one can start with hot coals from a burned down fire, and add charcoal later. Both methods work.